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Injectable Facial Treatments

Starting from the classic areas of the forehead, middle eyebrow and sides of the eyes, it is an excellent choice for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles and the prevention of static wrinkles in these highly expressive areas.

Butyl Toxin (Botox, Dysport)

Butyl toxin is perhaps the most common non-surgical cosmetic injection treatment. It is considered the treatment of choice for the elimination of dynamic wrinkles and the prevention of the appearance of permanent wrinkles on the face. Pharmacologically it is a toxin that blocks the nerve impulse in the muscle, thus preventing it from contracting and causing its action. Butyl toxin injection fin[..]

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Fillers are also very common in non-surgical facial aesthetics. They are used to give volume to areas that need to be stimulated such as the lips or to restore volume lost over time from areas such as the cheekbones, cheeks, nasolabial folds and temples. They are also very often used to fill deep static wrinkles in various parts of the face. There are different fillers that differ in their prop[..]

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Tightening and Lift Threads

A. PDO tightening threads: The threads from this material are placed in dense meshes under the skin on the face and anywhere else on the body (arms, thighs, buttocks, etc.). This treatment aims at the progressive absorption of the material by the body and the gradual replacement of it by collagen and connective tissue. As a result of the creation of new collagen and connective tissue, there is [..]

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Mesotherapy / PRP

With injectable mesotherapy, preparations of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other nutrients are placed in the middle layer of the skin. The treatment is done with many injections so that the whole face and neck are properly covered and for this reason it needs proper preparation with anesthetic cream. This treatment will moisturize the skin and enrich it with nutrients, thus improving its qualit[..]

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