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Experience και Expertise

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of medical care as well as treating our clients with honesty, integrity and respect.

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Face Aesthetic Surgery
Face Aesthetic Surgery Information
Breast Aesthetic Surgery & Breast Oncology
Breast Aesthetic Surgery & Breast Oncology Information
Body Aesthetic Surgery & Surgeries After Massive Weight Loss
Body Aesthetic Surgery & Surgeries After Massive Weight Loss Information
Reconstructive Surgery & Skin Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery & Skin Surgery Information
Injectables & Lasers
Injectables & Lasers Information

Our Services

Whether it is face, chest, body or skin, we have a solution to your most pressing aesthetic issues. Browse our full range of services and start designing your most beautiful body today.

Reverse the signs of aging and correct the imperfections of your face with the most modern techniques and above all safely.

Get an attractive firm breast in the right size and proportions with the rest of your body.

Shaping the ideal contour, shape and proportions of the body.

Congenital genetic abnormalities, trauma and oncology also belong to the field of plastic surgery.

Non-invasive aesthetics evolve daily.

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Before & After

We want to ensure that you make the right decision by trusting our experience and knowledge.
Below you can see and compare the results before and after some of our procedures.

About Us

The philosophy of our clinic is based on our deep belief in the value of continuous education and upgrade of our services, in honest and sincere communication with our patients and especially in the safety and effectiveness of the treatments we apply.

The services provided in our clinic include a wide range of surgical and non-surgical operations. We are able to offer complete services throughout the range of plastic surgery on the face and body, applying modern and advanced combination therapies and focusing on safety, quality and effectiveness.

We expect our patients to trust our experience and knowledge to help them make effective and safe choices that will help them meet their expectations by providing honest advice and treatment based on medical principles and validated by scientific research.

Dr. Phaedon Christofi
Dr. Phaedon Christofi