The use of laser either alone or often in combination with other treatments is an excellent choice in treating medical and aesthetic skin problems both on the face and body.

Skin tightening

The NIR technique delivers pulsed light close to the infrared spectrum to the deep part of the skin safely without affecting the outer layer of the skin. With the absorption of light by the liquid element of the skin cells, immediate tightening is achieved but also stimulation of skin mechanisms that lead to the improvement of the quantity and quality of collagen, elastin and other structural e[..]

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Skin regeneration

The Er-YAG laser with the special treatment Pixel Perfect is applied exclusively for the regeneration of the skin. The treatment can be applied painlessly with only discomfort at the end of the treatment a burning sensation which subsides within 3-4 minutes. This application causes multiple microscopic invisible holes in the skin which will stimulate the healing mechanisms of the skin, will cau[..]

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Angiodysplasia and facial discolorations

Pulsed AFT technology is the treatment of pigmented lesions (freckles) and vascular lesions (small varicose veins). This technique directs pulsed light to target areas with characteristics that allow it to be selectively absorbed only by melanin cells (in the case of freckles) or by oxyhemoglobin (in the case of varicose veins), destroying them and disappears progressively. The treatment is ver[..]

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