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Body Reconstructive Surgeries

In this part of reconstructive surgery there are dual goals, mainly functional and aesthetic. The goal is to effectively combine invasive and non-invasive techniques so that we can offer you the best possible result.

Reconstructive after trauma or oncology

Injuries resulting from injuries or oncological operations vary in size and degree of difficulty in repairing them. The simplest ones can be sutured with techniques that will ensure the best possible appearance of the post-traumatic scars, while for larger and more complex wounds the restoration can be done with free or scaly flaps. Stem flap transfer is the transfer of a part of the body witho[..]

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Diabetic foot reconstructive

Diabetic foot is a very big and common problem in today's society. The lower extremity is one of the characteristic areas of problems due to the problematic metabolism of sugar in the body. The key to preventing and avoiding the dramatic development is the good cooperation of an endocrinologist and a surgeon who specializes in the treatment of diabetic ulcers. Also of great importance is the co[..]

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Lymphedema Surgery

Lymphedema is the clinical condition characterized by progressive permanent swelling in the limbs (arms and / or legs). This problem occurs when the normal lymphatic supply to the upper or lower limb is interrupted, resulting in the progressive accumulation of lymphatic fluid and the corresponding swelling of the limb. The etiology may be congenital etiology in which the lymphatic network is no[..]

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4.Cancerous surgeries

5.Skin cancer

6.Malignant Melanoma


Small lesions in the body are removed by laser, electrocautery or surgical removal. These are simple surgeries that are usually performed under local anesthesia, however, the correct surgical technique will ensure the complete removal of the lesion and[..]

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